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Thank you Dr. Brook

Tonight VFW Post 2913 presented Dr. Brook with a certificate for his generosity to the Post. Dr. Brook was introduced to the Post when he heard that we were looking to get a new industrial range for the rental kitchen. While most people talk about supporting veterans Dr. Brook stepped right up and showed his support in a major way.

The plaque was presented to Dr. Brook after a short presentation on his company and his happiness to support veterans for all that they have done for the country. Along with Dr. Brook was his Marketing Director Jackie DeRosa who handed out goodie bags to all the members of the Post and the Auxiliary.

Also present during the presentation to Dr. Brook was David Kennedy of the Greater Patchogue Chamber who helped Dr. Brook reach out to the Post. Once again the post cannot say enough great things for all that the community, the chamber, and people like Dr. Brook does for us to help us keep supporting veterans.

The Post also presented Dr. Brook with a sympathy card for the loss of his dog which was signed by all the members of the post and auxiliary who were present at the event.

Christmas Dinner

VFW Post 2913 and the Auxiliary held their annual Christmas Dinner at the post. Commander Barrett cook the spaghetti dinner for the members and President of the Auxiliary Nancy Barrett did the decorating. After dinner the post was given a small presentation and goodie bags from Dr. Steve Brook of Country Foot Care. Dr. Brook was presented with a certificate for his generous donation to the post following the presentation.


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Letter from Auxiliary President

Hello fellow Auxiliary Members

Winter is upon us! I hope that you are all doing well.

On November, 8th, at Emanuel Lutheran School in Patchogue, I led a Chapel Service honoring our veterans. After the service, a luncheon was served in the cafeteria with the students of Emanuel. We had a lovely gathering of VFW, American Legion, and AMVET members – in all about 40 people. This is always a welcoming event which Emanuel School likes to do for the veterans and their families in our community. Some veterans sat at lunch tables with the students while others had their children sit with them and the other veterans. All in all, it was a great day. Thank you to all who attended. The students especially enjoy being with the veterans.

On November 10th, Maria and Jim Shine, George and I, and Dave Rogers attended the 2nd Annual Military Ball held by the St. Joseph’s College SVA. The food was fabulous along with raffle baskets, and a little bit of Casino Night. We all had an enjoyable evening. It is important to support the efforts of our young veterans. I hope more will join us at next years ball.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming dates:

December 7th at 6:00 our commander will be cooking a pasta dinner to get us all into the Christmas Spirit. Following dinner at 8:00, we will be having a brief meeting and then will attend a brief meeting upstairs with the men. Dessert will follow the meetings. On December 10th, 9:00 – 12:00 the VFW will be having a Pancake and Egg Fundraiser for the Post. If you can help in any way, please let me know.

This year we will be contributing two Christmas trees to send to our overseas troops to help lift their spirits during the holidays, especially when they are so far away from home and their loved ones. Please remember to keep them and their families in your prayers.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Christmas dinner on December 7th at 6:00!!

May God keep close watch and protection over our military, and may he continue to bless and keep America safe.

Your Auxiliary President Nancy Barrett

Letter from the Commander

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well.

In the beginning of November, we had the Home Depot work team come in and repaint Heritage Hall and the Hall front entrance. They also changed all of the ceiling tiles and painted the grid. Four new doors were hung in Heritage Hall. Home Depot also donated a new refrigerator for the upstairs kitchen and a new stove and freezer for the kitchen downstairs in out Fox Hole Lounge. Also donated to us were enough ceiling tiles to replace the one in the Fox Hole. My thanks go out to the guys who helped: Dave Rogers, George Egan, Jim Shine, Pete Palamidis, and “Top” Parente.

On Thursday, December 7th, 6:00, we will be having a Christmas Dinner, followed by a short meeting at 8:00. Our Auxiliary is also invited to attend. We will be having a special presentation from Dr. Steve Brook, a local podiatrist who is new in the area. He will be making a large donation for a new commercial stove, which is desperately needed for the Heritage Hall kitchen. We also received a donation from Paul Wekerle Insurance who saw us on the Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page to use wherever we felt it was needed. I hope everyone can attend this meeting to show our thanks to Dr. Brook for his generous donation to our post. Please let me know if you need a ride for our Christmas Sinner and special meeting. On December 10th, 9:00 – 12:00, we will be having a Pancake and Eggs Breakfast fundraiser. I would appreciate any assistance in making this a success. Please let me know if you can help.

Our prayers go out to Jim and Lillian Orban, Wynn and Ida Davis, and Ed and Pat Sacco for good health. My apologies go out to all who showed up for dinner at our November meeting. Because of all the work that was needed to be done in Heritage Hall by some of our members, I cancelled the dinner at our October meeting.

May you all have a truly blessed Thanksgiving. Remember to keep our troops and their families in your prayers during this holiday season. May God continue to bless them and God Bless America.

Your Commander, George Barrett.

The Things They Carried, and the Art of Healing

The Red & Black attended an art exhibit in Patchogue, showcasing the art and experiences of local veteran artists.

By: Nicole Niemiec, Staff Reporter


Boots on the Ground, Art by Maria Mia Salazar Photo by Nicole Neimiec

Throughout history, people have used art to express their feelings and desires. For some people, placing their thoughts and feelings into words is difficult. Sometimes one can’t even find the precise words to even begin to express their feelings. Sometimes it’s easier for a person to capture what they’re feeling in a visual expression. The Veteran Art Exhibit at the Artspace in Patchogue showcased many veterans’ experiences through the power of art.

As soon as one walks through the exhibit doors, one is met with the “Mask Project.” This project showcases masks designed by trauma patients from the Military Sexual Trauma Program at the VA Northport Hospital and Medical Center. These masks were made in an effort to advocate for veterans and military members who have experienced sexual trauma while in training or service. Flyers and fact sheets were littered on the table, outlining helpful services to get into contact with if one experienced sexual assault while in the military. Almost half of those who have told a MST provider that they’ve experienced Military Sexual Trauma, or MST, are men. Additionally, age, gender, race, size, and sexual orientation doesn’t factor into who experiences MST and who doesn’t. Veterans of all backgrounds equally experience MST. Fortunately for those who have experienced MST, Veterans Affairs offers free MST services to all, even if one isn’t eligible to receive other VA care. It’s never too late to take the first step to healing from MST.

These masks displayed every emotion imaginable and more. Between “I said NO. It should’ve been enough.” and “Stop the Madness. To be Aware is to Be Alive,” one is able to feel for these trauma patients. These men and women made the choice to serve our country, and unfortunately, they came back with scars that they never asked for and weren’t at fault of. According to the Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military, 14,900 service members were sexually assaulted in 2016. Although that is 5,400 fewer people than the 20,300 who were estimated in 2014, it is still too many.

In addition to the Mask Project, the exhibit showcased the works of many other veteran artists, including Harold Gubnitsky, Neil Leinwohl, Janene Gentile, Maria Mia Salazar, Joseph Acierno, Sean Fitzthum, James Miller, Edward Gregg, Richard Gardiner, Ron Rorie, Jenny Pacanowski, Manuel Adolfo, Mike Babulak, and exhibit curator, Dave Rogers. These artists showcased their feelings through paintings, photography, sculpture, and poetry.

“Art is an important tool for the military community. For veterans who come back with trauma and are carrying more stress than they can handle, taking part in the arts is an important method of therapy and healing.”

Rogers, after getting injured from his service, had no idea of what he wanted to do with his life after. Shortly after, he remembered that he had always wanted to get back into his art. Since then, he’s been focused not only on his art, but also on helping veterans get the service they need. He wants veterans to know the services that are available to them and where to find them. “This is my third year doing this Veteran Art Exhibit here. It gets bigger every year,” Rogers said during the reception. “They’re wonderful artists who share their experiences and joy for art.”


Times Square, Painting by Chuck Ferrara Photo by Nicole Neimiec

Art is an important tool for the military community. For veterans who come back with trauma and are carrying more stress than they can handle, taking part in the arts is an important method of therapy and healing. The NEA and Department of Defense are funding art projects and offering creative writing workshops and performing arts programs. These programs benefit veterans and soldiers, giving them a way to communicate their experiences. Not only does this help the veterans in a therapeutic way, but this also helps medical examiners to better understand these veterans’ conditions and better their treatments.

The Veteran Art Exhibit is running from November 5th to November 24th at the Artspace in Patchogue.

Read the Article here: PMHS Red and Black

Veteran Art Exhibit

The opening for the Veteran Art Exhibit was a great success. The exhibit included works of residents from the Long Island State Veterans Home, VA Northport MST Program and 16 veterans and family members from around the US. A representative from Legislator Rob Calarco’s Office and State Senator Tom Croci’s Office were on hand to present certificates to the organizations and veteran artists. Quartermaster and Past County Commander was there to represent VFW Post 2913, and Commander Jon Ralph was there to represent the American Legion Post 269. About 80 people were in attendance at the exhibit to honor the veterans and their works. Part of the art that night was poetry was read by Jenny Pacanowski a Combat Medic.

Veterans Day Patchogue 2017

VFW Post 2913 at the Veterans Day Ceremony, Four Corners Patchogue, with American Legion Post 269, AMVets Post 111. Attended by Commander George Barrett, Sr. Vice Commander Dave Rogers, Quartermaster George Egan, Members Robert Parente, Richard Lau, Scott McKendirck, and Pat Woodward, President of the Auxiliary Nancy Barrett. Also present Mayor of Patchogue Paul Pontieri, Trustees Tom Ferb, Lori Devlin, Jack Krieger, Susan Brinkman, County Legislator Rob Calarco.

Veterans Luncheon at Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Members of VFW Post 2913, American Legion Post 269, and AMVets Post 111 at the Emanuel Lutheran School Veteran’s Luncheon. Commander George Barrett, President of the Auxiliary Nancy Barrett, Quartermaster George Egan, Chaplain Mike Amodeo, Past Commander Scott McKendrick, Officer of the Day James Shine, Commander of American Legion Jon Ralph. #vfw #vfwpostpride#vfwauxiliary #americanlegion #vfwpost2913#americanlegionpost269 #amvetspost111 VFW Post-2913 American Legion Patchogue Post 269 Amvets Post 111 – Patchogue L.I. N.Y.