Suffolk County Veterans Advisory Board


Dave Rogers Sr. Vice Commander of Post 2913 and Junior Vice Commander for Suffolk County Council met with the Suffolk County Veterans Advisory Board to discuss issues concerning veterans across Suffolk County. Included in those talks were the topics of “Liver Fluke”, the Suffolk County Court and the Veterans Homeless Shelter at the North Port VA.

“Liver Fluke” is an on going issue that the Suffolk County Veterans Service is trying to get more answers on. At this time there has only been a small study done on Liver Fluke (50 Veterans) it was found that in that study 25% of the participants have some form of Liver Fluke and 1 of those in the study has died from Liver Fluke related illnesses and another has had massive surgery to remove growths caused by Liver Fluke. The Suffolk County Veterans Advisory Board is asking that another 1000 Vietnam and Korean War veterans be tested.

Suffolk County Veterans Court has a new judge The Hon. John P. Cohalan, Jr. The Hon. John. J. Toomey has retired from this position and we would like to wish him well as he served the veterans of Suffolk and the Courts with Honor. Judge Cohalan looks forward to continuing to serve the veterans of Suffolk County. Along with the court is the mentoring program, in were there are 12 mentors (all veterans) who work with veterans in need through the courts. Currently there are 11 men and 1 woman on the Mentoring program to work with veterans who need help getting back to a healthy life.

Building 11 (Beacon House) the Homeless Shelter for veterans at the Northport VA has been closed due to the pipes in the heating room bursting. The facility houses 43 veterans (men and women) who need the services of the Northport VA medical facility and treatment programs. Due to its shutdown those veterans have had to be replaced throughout Long Island’s other shelters, making it difficult to get to their programs. It has also added increased stress on the shelters run by Beacon House as they are now at MAXED CAPACITY. Any veterans now seeking emergency shelter may now be turned away due to lack of beds. The other concern to the program is that those veterans who were in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse had to leave most of their belongings behind, taking only what they can carry. This disruption in their program and housing may cause some of these veterans to fall back on bad habits.

Suffolk County Veterans Service will continue to address these issues both at the Northport VA and also with the Veterans Board in Washington.

Published by daves-studio

I truely believe that "Even ordinary life can be immortilized through art". I have always been awed by the mystery of how people are connected and for most of my life as an artist I have looked for new ways to express what was inside of me, what I was feeling and how I wanted people to view and understand what I wanted to say. This caused me to restrict my art to forms that others could understand. I was speaking to the masses, but I was not using my own voice. Over time I realized that it was not so important weather people truly understood what I was saying but rather that I was speaking so I started to look for the way to think out loud and be heard and have found that voice in papercutting. My work is a mixture of Eastern and Western Art that I started after a visit to China in 2004. while there I discovered the ancient and demanding art of Chinese paper cutting and line drawing. On my return from China I began to make connections between the craft of paper cutting and my years as a soldier. The results of this unusual connection have been beautiful two and three dimentional metaphors of the importance of time and the fragility of life and democracy. Paper cutting itself can be found in many cultures and just like in China those cultures for the most part have thought of it as a decorative or folk art, few artists have explored the idea of using this form of art in a more substantive way. It is part of what has attracted me to papercutting in the first place. While the beauty of paper cutting was appealing, more appealing was the idea of using this fragile material to represent serious and even realistic ideas. The process that I use for my paper structures is the same as found in traditional Chinese paper cutting. What is different is the paper, the way it is displayed and the topics talked about in the art. It is these differences in the works that make them stand out from other forms of paper cutting and structures. Instead of using traditional types of paper for papercutting I have made the cuttings out of aluminum or mirror paper. The paper was chosen for its reflective properties, not just for making the art brighter but for the ability of the viewer to see reflections of themselves in the art, showing a connection between the viewers and the subjects in the work. While most paper cutting are laid flat on the board these works are placed between two pieces of glass in the front of the frame allowing the light to cast shadows on the background, making these papercutting sculptures of art. The other aspect of this work that is different from traditional paper cutting is that each piece is individually designed and not mass produced. This is an important aspect of my work as it is about keeping the appeal of POP art while reducing the images to singular forms. My hope for the future is to continue to explore ways to bridge the techniques and styles of paper cutting and western ideals of art. Not just as a way for me to produce my art but as a way to communicate western ideas in Asia and Asian ideas in the West. For art is the only true international language that all people no matter where they come from can appreciate, and it is through art that we can learn about other cultures beyond mere words.

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